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Find out more about our Graphics and Design products tailored for your business needs and growth. Whether you are searching for that unique "eye-candy" or cutting edge imagery, we have the staff, experience and professionalism to make it happen.

A web designed website should use as much "server-side" programming as possible. The advantage to server-side allows uniformity and compatability across platforms and browsers. Moreover, languages such as PHP and PERL (CGI) place more processor entensive activities on the server and leviates the end-user resources. Javascript, HTML, XML, AJAX, FLASH (Acrionscript) and more are examples of typical end-user scripting languages. Placing emphasis on server side also dramatically reduces bandwidth since only pertinent information is transmitted and downloaded.

Every web site or web page requires several components: A domain, a design and the service to present the design to the world. We offer private domain registrations to reduce spam; Web design packages from the budget concious business to the corporate level; and have the hosting service and support to combine the solution for global exposure.